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[NEW ARRIVAL] MOS Forged Aluminum Alloy Rims Wheels for Yamaha YZF-R15

MOS - Make your Own unique Style

When we talked about the performance of motorcycles,  the "forged wheels plays an important role. MOS, which has been actively involved in the forged wheel market, must be well-known in this industry. This time, MOS will target the model YAMAHA YZF-R15 and launch the forged aluminum alloy rims wheels for V2 and V4 generations of R15

5 Spokes Attractive Racing Design

Forged aluminum alloy rims wheels for Yamaha YZF-R15 launched by MOS adopts a five single spoke racing design, and CNC forging produces a layered and delicate cutting and milling shape, which is simple and three-dimensional! The glossy anodized gold color and black disc seat make the visual effect quite stunning!

The MOS forged wheel frame is made of a 5,000-ton extruder to make pound material, and then forged with a 1,200-ton friction press. Under the premise of high rigidity, a slender star-shaped five-spoked design is created. As well as the skilled split disc and chainring technology, future maintenance is expected to be more convenient. In addition, on the inner surface of the center hub, it can be found that MOS has also made a light design here, and the delicately cut corners not only have a more refined appearance but also allow enthusiastic sports riders to obtain a more sensitive dynamic body


The MOS forged wheel hardware parts on the other side of the hub are completely matched with the surrounding original sleeves, discs, etc., without any trimming, and the installation is quite smooth. It can be seen that MOS is developing and designing attentiveness. When installed on the motorcycle, many tiny details are more conspicuous. Under the refraction of natural light, the MOS forged wheel is like a handicraft, which improves the visual performance of the motorcycle. To sum up, in addition to bringing a lighter and sharper dynamic performance to the motorcycle, the MOS forged wheel is also a major part of the visual modification of the appearance. This time, the R15 forged wheel from MOS will once again show you how MOS creates the forged wheel. Proficient technology!