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[BEST SELLER] MOS Forged Aluminum Alloy Rims Wheels for Honda Grom 125 and Monkey 125

MOS - Make your Own unique Style

Honda Grom 125 and Honda Monkey 125 have always had big markets worldwide for mini bikes. Its small size and simple controls have attracted many men, women, and children. It can be said that it is the best mini bike model for beginners, and it is also the prodigal model of all modified riders. 

7 Spokes Attractive Racing Design

We launched MF07N Wheel, which strengthens the rigidity of the wheel with the shape of seven spokes, and provides a more different feeling in detail. It not only optimizes the overall vision of the body but also makes riding more flexible! At present, the application list is: Honda Grom 125 2014-2023 ABS or NON-ABS, Honda MSX Grom 125 2021-2023 ABS or NON-ABS, Honda MSX125SF 2017-2020 ABS or NON-ABS, Honda MSX 125 2014-2016 NON-ABS, Honda Monkey 125 2017-2023 ABS or NON-ABS


MF07N Forged Wheel! The New Design is more flexible!

MF07N was designed with seven spokes through the concept of dazzling wind, the forged surface is so exquisite! The concave and convex cutting on the spokes on the other side not only brings a more impactful visual effect to the appearance but also quietly steals the light! The front and rear are equipped with complete hub and hardware installed already, so there is no problem with direct installation, and the ride is smoother!


Extremely Lightweight Design! Stunning!

MOS forged wheels are manufactured with a 5000-ton extrusion machine, and then forged with a 1200-ton friction press, and comply with the US DOT safety certification. The product quality is beyond doubt. The hub of the rear wheel uses high-hardness positioning pins to stabilize the tightness of the HOLD wheel frame and the hub. The width of the front wheel of MF07N is 2.75J, and the measured weight is 2.1KG; the width of the rear wheel is 3.5J, and the weight is 2.5KG. (The above weight does not include bearings and bushings). MOS cuts the corners of the Hub on the rear wheel in a circular arc. In addition to the handsome and stylish wheel body, the shape of the Hub should not be underestimated!


Lightweight and Stylish! Flexible Upgrade!

Compared with the original wheel frame, the weight is indeed much lighter, it is easier to ride on a fast track, and the flexibility in corners is more obvious! "MF07N" looks neater when paired with Grom and MONKEY, not to mention black, gold, blue, and red can be selected as the standard color! Custom color is available with cost and lead time required.

Previous MF07 Wheel Design is sold out 100%!

We have successfully sold more than 200 Sets of MF07 Wheels in the previous design. Thanks for the continuous support from our fans, customers, and dealers throughout the world.